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What is Microsoft Power BI?

Business Intelligence tool

Power BI is a comprehensive set of Business Intelligence tools for data analysis, available both in on-premise and cloud models. These tools allow for intuitive visualization and in-depth analysis of data across the entire organizational structure.

All data in one place

Power BI enables the integration of data from various sources such as databases, files, folders, Azure services, or web services. This saves time and eliminates the risk of missing important business information. The data is available 24/7 to all individuals working on a given project.

Data visualization and reporting

Advanced data visualization in Power BI facilitates data analysis and minimizes the time required to generate reports containing key metrics. Importantly, such prepared data sets can be shared with other employees or presented to stakeholders.

Scope of Capabilities

How can Power BI benefit your company?

With Microsoft Power BI, you have the ability to connect to diverse data sources and conduct ad hoc analyses. Creating visually appealing reports, publishing them, and sharing them online as well as on mobile devices takes just a few moments.

  • Data integration
  • Data segmentation
  • 360° Analytics
  • Data visualization
  • Reporting
  • Data modeling
Power BI w usłudze Microsoft Fabric
Benefits of Power BI Implementation

Modern data analytics with Microsoft tools

Business data is a crucial element for companies aiming to stay ahead of the competition. With the help of modern tools like Power BI, you can accelerate data analysis, and the obtained insights will aid in making better business decisions. What additional benefits come from implementing Microsoft Power BI?

  • Continuous 24/7 data access
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Easy and Swift report and analysis delivery
  • Online Access Regardless of Workplace
  • Enhanced Team Collaboration and Communication
  • Increased Business Efficiency

200 +

successful implementations

500 +

satisfied customers

1000 +

developed analyses

10000 +

trained customers
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Many companies have already implemented Power BI – learn how we can assist you

Requirements and Goals Analysis

The first step involves a thorough analysis of the needs and goals for implementing Power BI. Together, we'll determine the data you want to analyze, the reports and indicators required for your organization, and the primary project goal.

Data Modeling

During the Power BI implementation, we'll guide you in building data models that form the basis of analysis. We'll define relationships between tables and create calculations and measures to facilitate accurate report generation.

Report Publishing and Sharing

After creating the reports, we'll demonstrate how to publish and share them, allowing other users to access them online. We'll show you how to manage permissions, access, and emphasize proper data security.

Data Preparation

Data preparation is a crucial stage. With Power BI, you can aggregate data from various sources like databases, spreadsheets, or CSV files into one place. Subsequently, we'll perform filtering and segmentation to make the data ready for visualization.

Report and Visualization Creation

Based on the data model, we'll create a variety of reports and visualizations. Utilizing Microsoft Power BI, we'll craft interactive charts, tables, maps, and graphs that enable users to easily analyze data.

Monitoring and Training

Following Power BI implementation, our consultants will continue to be available, offering expert support during training and Business Intelligence system development. As a Microsoft Gold Partner, we guarantee professionalism and high-quality services.


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