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Microsoft Fabric combines marketing creativity with data

Data analysis in the marketing department is the key to uncovering valuable insights into the effectiveness of campaigns, customer preferences, the efficiency of activities across platforms, and creating a solid brand image. With the support of Microsoft Fabric, these complex tasks can be significantly streamlined by automating processes, harnessing the potential of artificial intelligence, and using intuitive tools tailored to the marketing department’s needs.

  • In-depth analysis of the effectiveness of promotional campaigns
  • Automation of data analysis tasks
  • Choice of tools from the Fabric umbrella
  • View data 24/7 regardless of time and place
Microsoft Fabric w marketingu
Microsoft Fabric w marketingu
Increased efficiency

Discover the potential of marketing data with Microsoft Fabric

Microsoft Fabric offers tools that allow data to be collected, analysed, and interpreted more simply and efficiently. This makes it easier for the marketing team to monitor the effectiveness of ongoing activities, identify trends and patterns in customer behaviour and make faster and more accurate decisions. Automating processes saves time and resources, allowing the team to focus on developing innovative strategies and creative campaigns.

  • Ability to aggregate data from different sources
  • Intuitive visualisation and fast reporting
  • Improved performance comparison and KPI analysis
  • Increased effectiveness of promotional campaigns
Explore the benefits

Why implement Microsoft Fabric in marketing?

Strategic analysis of marketing data

Microsoft Fabric provides advanced data analytics tools, enabling a deep understanding of consumer preferences and identifying key trends, leading to more accurate strategic decisions.
By segmenting your data and analysing it, you gain the chance to personalise your communication even further and tailor your sales offer to the real needs of your target group. Personalised interactions, in turn, bring value to your audience, enhancing the quality of the relationship and strengthening engagement.
  • Better understanding of the needs of the target group
  • 24/7 insight into data
  • The possibility of automating analyses
  • Sharing of reports and teamwork

24/7 data analysis

Microsoft Fabric provides up-to-the-minute information so that the marketing team can respond immediately to changes in the environment, maximising the effectiveness of campaigns and capitalising on opportunities as they come up.
Significantly, with Fabric’s help, all marketing data – from websites, social media channels, mailing campaigns, and more – can be aggregated in one place. This makes it clear which activities are profitable and which are underperforming.
  • Analysis of data from all marketing channels
  • Ability to compare periods, campaigns, and channels
  • Report sharing
  • Effective teamwork

Rational budget management

Implementing Microsoft Fabric means more innovative data collection and use, which translates into skilful resource management, achieving better ROI, and allocating budgets more efficiently.
In addition, the automation of routine brand promotion tasks unleashes the team’s creativity and innovation, fostering unique and engaging promotional strategies. Indeed, Microsoft Fabric enables seamless coordination of marketing activities, improving team collaboration and communication and reducing time to market for new products and services.
  • Proper budget allocation
  • Quick search for bottlenecks
  • The ability to react to market developments in real-time
  • Complete control over promotional campaigns

Building a brand image

Implementing Microsoft Fabric helps to build and reinforce a positive brand image by perfectly aligning advertising messages with the values, mission, and emotions it wants to convey.
Microsoft Fabric lets you dynamically adjust your strategy based on data, balancing short-term results and long-term success. This allows authentic, engaging customer relationships, building trust and loyalty, and contributing to long-term brand success.
  • Optimising the performance of promotional campaigns
  • Adaptability of tools according to company needs
  • Easy scalability and flexibility
  • Rapid return on investment

Microsoft Fabric: the data revolution in Marketing

Turn data into knowledge and knowledge into strategies. Start transforming your marketing department with Microsoft Fabric, and success will become achievable.

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Other areas of implementation

Find out in which other departments of your company you can use the potential of Microsoft Fabric


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