Modern data integration environment

What is Data Factory?

Data aggregation

In the world of big data, information is often stored in various types of databases and other storage systems. However, raw data alone lacks the proper context and meaning that would enable analysts, data professionals, or business decision-makers to extract valuable insights. To harness the benefits of collected data, utilizing the Data Factory service is essential.

Data integration

The Data Factory service provides a modern data integration environment for acquiring, preparing, and transforming data from a rich variety of data sources (such as databases, data warehouses, Lakehouse services, real-time data from sales systems, and more).

Data flows and pipelines

The Data Factory service implements two core functions: data flows and pipelines. Data flows enable the use of over 300 AI-powered transformations in the data flow designer. Data pipelines, on the other hand, allow for the utilization of built-in data orchestration capabilities to create flexible data workflows that meet the specific needs of a given company.

Scope of Capabilities

How can Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric Service benefit your company?

The Data Factory service encompasses a range of interconnected systems that form a comprehensive platform for data engineers.

  • Data source integration
  • Data segmentation
  • Data copying in pipelines
  • Data transformation
  • Data pipeline monitoring
  • Integration with other MF services
Data Factory w usłudze Microsoft Fabric
Benefits of Utilizing Data Factory

Enhance Data Analysis with Data Factory

Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric Service is the next generation of Azure Data Factory, providing data movement and transformation services, including those available in the cloud. This enables solving even the most complex ETL scenarios. Additionally, with the help of Data Factory, you can:

  • Streamline the data aggregation process
  • Utilize built-in connectors for visually integrating data sources
  • Create efficient ETL and ELT processes
  • Deliver integrated data to Synapse Real-Time Analytics service
  • Conduct advanced business analytics
  • Achieve significant cost savings

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successful implementations

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satisfied customers

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trained customers
Uncover Data Potential

Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric service - why implement?

Data Integration from multiple sources

Data Factory enables seamless integration of data from various sources, such as databases, files, cloud services, data warehouses, and applications.


Data Factory in Microsoft Fabric Service ensures flexibility and scalability, enabling adjustment of computing power and size to current data processing needs.

Integration with Microsoft Fabric ecosystem

Data Factory is integrated with the full range of Fabric services, such as Power BI, Synapse Data Engineering, Synapse Data Warehouse, and Synapse Real-Time Analytics, facilitating the creation of comprehensive analytical solutions.

Process automation

ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) tools available in Data Factory allow for the automation of extraction, transformation, and loading processes, accelerating analysis and reporting.

Monitoring and management

Data Factory provides advanced monitoring and management tools for corporate data, allowing tracking of ETL process progress, error detection, and performance optimization.

Security and compliance

Microsoft Fabric service prioritizes data security, offering authentication, encryption, and access control mechanisms. Moreover, by using Data Factory, it becomes easier to meet requirements related to data protection regulations and compliance.


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