Production optimisation

Harness the power of data analytics in your production processes!

In today’s dynamic and competitive environment, making data-driven decisions quickly and accurately is crucial to achieving market advantage. That’s why Microsoft Fabric’s data analytics system is designed to deliver the most valuable manufacturing insights. Using advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and predictive analytics algorithms, the platform enables real-time monitoring of production parameters, detection of potential faults and anomalies, and forecasting future trends.

  • Analytics + production = success 4.0
  • Rapid identification of inefficient processes
  • Higher product quality
  • Cost-effectiveness through the elimination of bottlenecks
Microsoft Fabric w produkcji
Microsoft Fabric w produkcji
MS Fabric in production
Production management

Advanced analytics: a step forward in efficient production

The production floor is a real treasure trove of information that can be used successfully. Data such as the number of pieces produced per day, the cost of production, the time it takes to create a finished product, and the percentage of defective items open the door to a deeper understanding of the company’s processes. With this knowledge, we can make important productivity and cost decisions much more efficiently.

  • Optimised report generation for greater efficiency
  • Clear visualisation of critical operational data
  • Rapid verification of relevant KPIs
  • Identification of prospective areas
Explore the benefits

Why implement Microsoft Fabric in production?

Maximise the potential of the production department

Microsoft Fabric identifies effective processes in the production department and areas that can be optimised. Implementing streamlined procedures translates into reduced production times and optimal use of resources, leading to increased efficiency across the manufacturing sector.
The drive to optimise performance in manufacturing becomes a realistic goal through comprehensive data analysis. Microsoft Fabric allows you to identify effective sales processes and areas for improvement. Implementing optimised processes translates into time and resource savings and increased efficiency for the entire department. Optimising sales performance is an achievable goal through comprehensive data analysis.
  • 24/7 production efficiency analysis
  • Use of AI and machine learning for process automation
  • Comparison of results and KPIs achieved
  • Alerts on the breakdown of the production chain

Turn Excel into a comprehensive analytics platform

Microsoft Fabric is a state-of-the-art analytics platform that provides an excellent alternative to a traditional tool such as Excel. With its advanced capabilities, Fabric enables users to process and analyse data at a much higher level.
With advanced data processing and modelling capabilities, users can quickly identify trends, forecast performance, and uncover hidden patterns, providing invaluable value to business decision-making.
  • All production data available in one place
  • Advanced analyses for each stage of production
  • Possibility of teamwork and empowerment
  • Seamless, real-time reporting

Production optimisation

Microsoft Fabric offers advanced capabilities to set up notifications when signals indicate a process is disrupted, warning limits have been exceeded, or a particular trend has emerged. With this mechanism, users can be assured that they will be informed as soon as significant changes or irregularities in production are detected.
Furthermore, alerts and warnings do not have to be limited to electronic communication only. Microsoft Fabric also provides the ability to display alerts during data entry, allowing you to verify the correctness of the information you enter even before it is approved.
  • Real-time analysis of production efficiency
  • Ability to react quickly to irregularities
  • Improved tracking of progress on the production line
  • Accelerated production service communication

Scaling up resources as required

Introducing Microsoft Fabric into the production department allows data integration from different sources, such as machine monitoring systems, sensors, production process data, or logistics data. This flexibility enables a more complete and accurate analysis of the entire production process
In addition, the ability to create customised analytical models and define custom indicators allows critical aspects of production to be monitored. The production department can customise the platform to track product quality parameters, machine efficiency, raw material consumption, or production cycle times.
  • Comprehensive analysis of production processes
  • Scaling of resources according to current needs
  • Improved operational efficiency
  • Analysis of data on machines, resources, processes, and others

Microsoft Fabric - streamline your manufacturing process

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