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Sales optimisation with Microsoft Fabric

Every company seeks to maximise profits. In-depth research is necessary to gain information on how the market responds to the products or services offered. Analysing sales with the help of the Microsoft Fabric analytics platform makes it possible to obtain information about the factors that drive demand growth and those that limit it. Thanks to automatically generated reports, it is not only possible to track overall sales trends but also to identify any deviations.

  • A higher level of efficiency in the sales department
  • Increased number of conversions
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Adaptation of the offer to the real needs of the market
MS Fabric in sale
Microsoft Fabric w sprzedaży
Profit optimisation

Sales analysis with growth prospects

Use your company’s extensive sales data and automate its analysis with the help of Microsoft Fabric. This will help salespeople prepare offers that meet the real needs of the market and target audience and improve the company’s financial performance. Moreover, with real-time access to critical data, the ability to react quickly to market fluctuations will become a reality.

  • Improved report preparation
  • Easy visualisation of critical data
  • Rapid verification of key KPIs
  • Identification of prospective areas
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Why implement Microsoft Fabric in the sales department?

Whole picture of the commercial department

Microsoft Fabric allows you to identify effective sales processes and areas for improvement. The introduction of optimised processes translates into time and resource savings, as well as increased efficiency for the entire department. Optimising sales performance is an achievable goal through comprehensive data analysis.
In pursuing satisfactory profits, companies need constant insight into the market’s reaction to the products on offer. By analysing sales, it is possible to determine what stimulates demand and what constitutes barriers. Automatically generated reports allow you to observe global sales trends and detect anomalies, which is crucial for predicting future directions.
  • Real-time analysis of sales trends
  • 24/7 access to key data
  • Comparison of results and KPIs achieved
  • Improved cooperation

Identification of business opportunities

Through advanced data analytics, Microsoft Fabric allows the detection of potential business opportunities that may go unnoticed in traditional sales processes. The sales department can quickly identify new markets, customer segments, or products, resulting in increased revenue.
These issues are critical today when almost every business uses multiple communication and sales channels. The unified view of all data in Microsoft Fabric OneLake eliminates the risk of overlooking key information or making human errors with manual aggregation and segmentation.
  • Ability to aggregate all sales data
  • Creation of historical and predictive analyses
  • Comparison of sales results
  • Seamless real-time reporting

A better understanding of customers

Implementing Microsoft Fabric allows the collection and analysis of data related to customers, their preferences, and behaviours. This enables the sales department to understand the target audience’s needs better and adapt strategies, leading to more effective service and increased conversions.
Microsoft Fabric provides tools to monitor dynamic market trends and changes in customer behaviour. They enable the sales department to react quickly to changes, adjusting strategies, products, and campaigns to remain competitive.
  • Personalised customer service
  • Sales campaigns tailored to actual needs
  • Diversification of the offer according to trends
  • Detection of business opportunities

Data visualisation with the help of AI

Microsoft Fabric offers advanced data visualisation tools, enabling the sales department to create clear reports and charts. This way of presenting data makes it easier to identify trends and relationships, which can inspire new and innovative approaches to sales strategies.
Microsoft Fabric offers integrated project management, communication, and collaboration tools. Sales departments can effectively share data, ideas, and analysis results, contributing to better coordination of activities and more effective achievement of sales targets.
  • Consistent data analysis
  • Effective teamwork
  • Improved reporting
  • Easy data visualisation

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