MS Fabric training

Experience the possibilities of the analytical platform in practice

In today’s world, we have access to many tools and solutions that streamline our daily work. To exploit their full potential, knowing the solutions used in specific industries is helpful. During the training sessions, we will share practical knowledge and show you how to use Microsoft Fabric to seamlessly turn data into valuable business information.

Expert knowledge

The synergy of technical knowledge, business knowledge, and communication skills guarantees to acquire many new skills.

Individual plan

Personalised training plan tailored to your needs and goals. Learning at a pace that suits the participants.

Free location

Microsoft Fabric training on-site or online. We guarantee complete flexibility and convenience.


Training agendas geared towards gaining practical skills for using Microsoft Fabric in everyday work.


Looking for support with Microsoft Fabric?

The Microsoft Fabric analytics platform is an umbrella of essential tools for everyday work. They streamline the aggregation, segmentation, analysis, and visualisation of data. To fully exploit their potential, you must deeply analyse your company’s processes. With the help of our consultants, you can choose solutions tailored to your company’s or organization’s needs. In addition to training, we provide consultancy, implementation services and maintain and develop analytical environments. This allows you to focus on activities that increase the profitability of your business and enhance your competitive advantage.

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Discover the benefits

Why attend a Microsoft Fabric training course?


Expert knowledge and know-how

Our Microsoft Fabric training courses guarantee opportunities for personal and professional development. You will gain access to the knowledge of high-calibre experts so that you can master advanced skills and techniques in data analytics and platform management faster. This is an excellent opportunity to build a solid business data analytics foundation and fully exploit its potential in your daily working practices.


Business focus

The training courses we organise will provide you with the necessary knowledge and present the latest industry trends and practices in the Microsoft Fabric area. You will gain insights into innovative approaches to data analysis and learn how to adapt and implement new solutions that bring real benefits to your business. We will show you turnkey solutions that simplify data analysis and visualisation.

Practical skills in hand

Our trainers have mastered the art of transferring complex knowledge in an accessible way. You can apply your newly acquired knowledge daily through practical exercises based on real business cases. Microsoft Fabric training will provide you with the theoretical foundations and the skills you need to use the platform effectively in your professional work.


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