Microsoft Fabric

Comprehensive analytics platform supported by AI

Microsoft Fabric is a comprehensive analytics platform that integrates diverse data sources and enables advanced analysis and visualisation. The tools included in MS Fabric can support different areas of your business – sales, logistics, manufacturing, finance, HR, marketing, and more. With the ability to integrate data from different sources and advanced analytical tools supported by artificial intelligence and machine learning, Microsoft Fabric facilitates more informed business decisions.

  • Integrated analysis environment
  • OneLake architecture
  • Access to real-time data
  • Advanced data visualisation options
obszary wdrożeń platformy analityczne Microsoft Fabric
Obszary wdrożeń Microsoft Fabric
Implementation areas

In which departments within the company can Microsoft Fabric be implemented?

Microsoft Fabric on sale

The MS Fabric analytics platform brings many benefits to sales departments. With the ability to analyse vast amounts of customer and transaction data, the team can fine-tune sales strategies to individual preferences, increasing conversions and revenue.
Interactive reports and data visualisations enable instant response to market trends and accurate decision-making. At the same time, seamless integration with multiple tools promotes the efficient flow of information within an organisation. Importantly, by supporting data security, Microsoft Fabric builds customer trust and opens the door to long-term business relationships.
  • Real-time analysis of sales trends
  • 24/7 access to critical data
  • Comparison of results and KPIs achieved
  • Improved cooperation

Microsoft Fabric in production

Microsoft Fabric enables the collection, processing, and analysis of vast production-related data. This allows companies to understand their production processes better, detect patterns and identify areas for optimisation. This leads to more efficient production management and better cost control.
Creating interactive reports provides an insightful understanding of complex data summaries. This, in turn, facilitates fact-based strategic decision-making. The seamless scalability and flexibility of the platform is also essential. This allows you to adapt Microsoft Fabric services to the real needs of your business at each stage of its development.
  • Data analysis at every stage of the production chain
  • Possibility of automated monitoring of the production process
  • Notification of unusual events on the production line
  • Seamless real-time reporting

Microsoft Fabric in logistics

The Microsoft Fabric analytics platform is also an indispensable tool in logistics. Thanks to its advanced capabilities and integration into the Microsoft ecosystem, companies can reap many benefits from managing their supply chain and logistics processes more efficiently.
MS Fabric makes it possible to collect, analyse and visualise vast amounts of data related to logistics. This enables companies to monitor and optimise transport, warehousing, and distribution processes more effectively. The platform also offers advanced demand forecasting and supply chain trend analysis tools, making it easier to plan inventory and adapt to seasonality in the industry.
  • Scalability regardless of the size of the company or the complexity of logistics operations
  • Optimisation of costs and resources without empty runs
  • Automation of previously manual tasks
  • Quick detection of trends and implementation of improvements

Microsoft Fabric in finance

The finance department plays a vital role in every company. Its tasks are not only related to controlling expenditures but also significantly impact the company’s business strategy and long-term success. For this reason, the use of the Microsoft Fabric analytics platform in this area becomes particularly important.
Companies can better understand their financial situation and anticipate possible risks and opportunities by collecting, analysing, and visualizing data. This allows for better planning of budgets, investments, and monitoring of financial indicators. In addition, the platform offers advanced tools for analysing market trends, which is crucial for making strategic business decisions.
  • Forecasting future financial performance and budget planning
  • Cash flow monitoring
  • Automated liquidity control
  • Improved assessment of investment and project effectiveness

Microsoft Fabric in HR

There are many benefits to using the Microsoft Fabric analytics platform in HR departments, enabling effective HR management and better HR decisions. This applies to hiring, upskilling, and dismissals.
Centralised access to employee-related data such as personal data, appraisal results, promotion, and training histories allows HR departments to better understand employee needs and skills and tailor development programs to individual career paths. The platform’s scalability allows it to adapt to different companies’ needs, regardless of size, which is crucial in a dynamic HR environment.
  • Better staffing decisions
  • Employment forecasting
  • Improved talent acquisition
  • Effective staff appraisal

Microsoft Fabric in marketing

Knowing the target group well and tailoring advertising messages to their preferences is necessary to carry out practical promotional activities. Without specific data, this is not possible. The effectiveness of the work of the marketing department, therefore, depends to a large extent on analytics.
Marketing departments should use the Microsoft Fabric platform because of its advanced aggregation, segmentation, and data visualisation capabilities. Fabric enables practical customer behaviour analysis, making marketing campaigns tailored and responsive in real time. MS Fabric also provides a seamless flow of information, streamlining campaigns and increasing efficiency.
  • Maximising return on investment
  • Improved analysis of the target group’s needs
  • The possibility of continuously tracking the results of promotional campaigns
  • Rational management of advertising budgets

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