Data analysis in HR

Key to organisational effectiveness and development

Data analytics in HR can provide valuable insights into recruitment effectiveness, employee performance, talent retention opportunities, performance management, compensation and benefits, professional development, and the overall state of employer branding. With the help of Microsoft Fabric, all of these tasks can be significantly simplified by automating processes using AI and user-friendly tools.

  • Comprehensive analytical environment
  • Rapid assessment of the effectiveness of recruitment channels
  • Efficient management of HR processes
  • 24/7 insight into data
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Data analysis in HR - the key to efficiency and organisational development

Microsoft Fabric provides a revolutionary solution for HR departments, enabling the easy and efficient analysis of massive data sets. With advanced machine learning algorithms, AI, and natural language processing technology, Fabric can quickly and accurately analyse hundreds of diverse factors related to recruitment and retention. The platform also supports recruitment processes by identifying talent and analysing the effectiveness of various candidate sourcing channels.

  • Ability to aggregate data from different sources
  • Intuitive visualisation and fast reporting
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Drag and drop functions and natural language questioning
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Why implement Microsoft Fabric in HR?

Advanced data analysis

Microsoft Fabric offers advanced data analytics tools that enable you to thoroughly understand recruitment effectiveness, employee performance and other key HR metrics. This allows you to make more informed HR decisions based on sound information.
The platform enables the automation of HR processes, which speeds up data analysis and decision-making. This saves time and resources that can be redirected to more strategic tasks.
  • Speeding up routine work
  • 24/7 insight into data
  • AI functionalities for more effective analysis
  • Improved teamwork

Personal development personalisation

Microsoft Fabric allows for the analysis of individual employee performance and competencies, enabling the creation of personalised career development plans. This results in better employee engagement and increases the chances of retaining valuable talent.
With Fabric’s analytical tools, you can accurately monitor your organization’s pay structure and compare it to market standards. This allows you to make more competitive salary offers and reward employees fairly
  • Remuneration management
  • A constant overview of staff
  • Traceability of HR processes
  • Effective teamwork

HR process management

Microsoft Fabric enables analysis of candidate sourcing to identify the best recruitment channels. Ultimately, this helps to source talent more effectively and minimise recruitment costs.
By analysing data in real-time, Microsoft Fabric enables fact-based HR decision-making. This, in turn, leads to a better workforce management strategy and more effective action to achieve organisational goals.
  • Sound staffing decisions
  • Improved employer branding
  • Minimising talent acquisition costs
  • Rapid onboarding and implementation

Improving the efficiency of HR staff

Automating processes with Microsoft Fabric allows HR staff to focus on more valuable tasks, such as strategic HR planning, creating innovative development programmes, and building a positive working environment.
Off-the-shelf technology solutions can replace many tasks previously performed manually. Notably, the umbrella of Microsoft Fabric tools is tailored not only to the knowledge of technical people, but also to those who are new to data analysis and visualisation systems.
  • Intuitive Fabric interface
  • Adaptability of tools according to company needs
  • Easy scalability and flexibility
  • Improvement of HR processes

Revolutionise HR with Microsoft Fabric: data, AI, results

Discover the potential of data in HR with Microsoft Fabric! Use advanced analytics and artificial intelligence tools to accurately analyse recruitment, employee performance, professional development and many other vital areas. Take control of HR, make smarter decisions and achieve impressive results with data-enabled HR of the future.

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