Microsoft Fabric

All-in-One analytical platform with advanced AI models

All data in one place

Microsoft Fabric combines various Microsoft services into one comprehensive tool available under a single umbrella. The platform offers a complete package of services, including data lake, data engineering, and integration, to streamline analyses and reporting in every department of the organization. Discover how Microsoft Fabric can also support your company.

Focus on results

Microsoft Fabric simplifies and enhances data analysis. Even individuals with limited technical knowledge can use the platform. You don't need to worry about technology – instead, you can focus on the results. With the help of our consultants, you can implement Fabric and tailor the platform's functionalities to actual needs.

Easy business scalability

In today's dynamically changing market landscape, data analysis plays a crucial role. The ability to base decisions on reliable, data-supported information facilitates making accurate and informed business decisions. This is a way to achieve stable growth and outpace the competition.

Microsoft Fabric Service Umbrella

Gain access to a Microsoft toolkit

Under the Microsoft Fabric umbrella lies everything you need for effective corporate data analysis. Microsoft Fabric introduces the concept of a unified SaaS backbone network, similar to Microsoft Office, where each tool has an optimized environment but is based on a shared foundation. What elements make up the MS Fabric service?

  • Data Factory
  • Synapse Data Engineering
  • Synapse Data Science
  • Synapse Data Warehouse
  • Synapse Real-Time Analytics
  • Power BI
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Microsoft Fabric - Applications

Enhance data analysis across all areas of your company

Microsoft Fabric offers optimized tools for various analytical tasks while providing a shared foundation for deployment, workspace, storage, security management, collaboration, and compliance. In what areas of your company can you utilize this modern AI-based platform?

  • Sales
  • Production
  • Logistics
  • Finance
  • HR
  • Controlling
Discover the benefits

Why should you implement Microsoft Fabric?

One product, one experience

Microsoft Fabric is a comprehensive all-in-one analytical platform that encompasses a wide range of services – from data storage and migration to data literacy and real-time analysis. This allows organizations to use a single comprehensive environment, simplifying management and usage. Key data is available in real-time, and its analysis doesn't require aggregation from multiple tools or manual segmentation. Advanced AI models ensure smooth process handling.

Enhanced OneLake organizational structure

Microsoft Fabric eliminates the need for data duplication between different solutions, thanks to the OneLake service. OneLake provides a unified location for storing all organizational data, where individual environments operate. Data in OneLake is divided into containers, which can be managed for easy handling. This saves time and resources while making data more consistent and manageable.

Flexibility and scalability

Microsoft Fabric enables easy infrastructure scaling, allowing companies and organizations to adapt more quickly to changing business needs and requirements. This makes it easy to increase or decrease resources based on system load, ensuring optimal performance. This approach ultimately translates positively into the cost and operational efficiency of the business, regardless of industry or size.

Shared space for data analysis

Microsoft Fabric enables seamless collaboration among different professionals through resource sharing and work within the same workspace. This enables efficient cooperation and integration of actions, speeding up processes and increasing efficiency. Engineers, administrators, and data analysts, as well as business users, can work directly with data, uncovering and shaping the information needed for critical decision-making.

Reduced valuation model complexity

Microsoft Fabric offers universal computing solutions that reduce the complexity of the valuation model. This allows organizations to easily scale computational resources and optimize costs. In the Fabric trial version (exploratory version), you'll get full access to all environments and backbone network features. You'll also have the opportunity to use a OneLake store of up to 1 TB in size. Additionally, it's worth knowing that Microsoft Fabric offers individual licenses (free and Pro) and organizational licenses (Premium Per User – PPU, Capacity).

Increased innovation

By implementing Microsoft Fabric, businesses gain access to new technologies and services that support innovative projects and initiatives. MS Fabric provides an AI-based platform for aggregating, segmenting, and analyzing data, as well as deploying new solutions, allowing organizations to lead their industries and create products and services with guaranteed market success. Managing and monitoring processes takes place from a single location, increasing efficiency and facilitating daily operations.

Microsoft Fabric Services

Enhance data analysis with us

We offer comprehensive consulting services in the field of Microsoft Fabric. If you’re looking for professional assistance with data analysis, selecting the right tools and licenses, we are ready to support you. We understand that data analysis is a crucial step in making informed business decisions. Our team will help you understand the data, extract valuable insights, and develop a strategy based on solid analyses.
Implementing Microsoft Fabric is a milestone in the development of your company. Entrust the entire process to experienced consultants who, as a Microsoft Gold Partner, have a deep understanding of the products, services, and tools they offer. We can guide you through all stages, from requirements analysis and design to implementation and training. Our experts will help you optimize business processes, leveraging the full potential of Microsoft Fabric.
Data analysis with the help of Microsoft Fabric aids in uncovering valuable insights and harnessing the full potential of your business data. Our experienced team of data analysts possesses profound knowledge and skills in the field of data analysis and the capabilities of the Fabric analytical platform. As a result, we can assist you in sourcing data, appropriately segmenting it, visualizing it, understanding trends, identifying patterns, and uncovering key insights for your organization.
Analiza danych w Microsoft Fabric
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