The New Dimension of Data Science

What is Data Science?

Innovative approach to data

Data Science in Microsoft Fabric enables data analysts to seamlessly work with the same secure and managed data that has been prepared by data engineering teams. This eliminates the need for data copying and devising ways to provide data science specialists with secure access to critical information.

Ready-to-Use Toolset

In Microsoft Fabric, the open support of Delta Lake allows data science professionals to version data sets for creating repeatable machine learning code. Additionally, data analysis users have access to a wide range of user-friendly starter interfaces, low-code tools, and code creation environments through applications like Notebooks and Visual Studio Code.

Harnessing modern technologies

Data Science users gain the ability to build ML models and track experiments using MLFlow. To enrich and implement data using predictive models, data science learners can create batch prediction scripts and utilize the scalable PREDICT feature to expedite the process.

Scope of Possibilities

How can Data Science in Microsoft Fabric help your company?

Data science is a powerful tool for unlocking data value in the analytical workflow of any organization. By utilizing data science, companies can make more informed decisions and gather predictive data that would otherwise be unattainable.

  • Various research process scenarios
  • In-depth data analysis, including predictive analysis
  • Advanced ML models
  • Seamless integration with BI reports
  • Comparison of environments and research experiments
  • Scalable PREDICT function for distributed batch scoring in Spark
Synapse Data Science w usłudze Microsoft Fabric
Enrich Data in a Lakehouse

Data Science - modern data analysis

The application of modern technologies, especially machine learning, for detecting trends, identifying values, and predictive analysis based on data, is now a competitive advantage. Microsoft Fabric offers a data science environment to enable users to perform comprehensive analysis to acquire valuable insights and business development.

  • Problem definition and concept creation
  • Discovering and preprocessing data
  • Easy data acquisition and preparation
  • Experimenting and ML modeling
  • Full integration with Power BI in Microsoft Fabric
  • Enhanced insight into corporate data

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successful implementations

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satisfied customers

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developed analyses

10000 +

trained customers
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Why should you use Data Science in Microsoft Fabric?

Unmatched performance and scalability

The Data Science service in the Microsoft Fabric platform offers unparalleled performance and scalability, enabling the exploration of vast data sets at a pace that other solutions cannot achieve.

Integrated workspace

Microsoft Fabric along with Data Science provides a cohesive and integrated workspace that enables data analysis, model creation, and solution deployment without the need for multiple tools or platforms.

Top-Level data security

By applying advanced security mechanisms offered by Microsoft Fabric, all data is protected at the highest level, which is crucial for sensitive data analysis

Advanced machine learning tools

With the Data Science service in Microsoft Fabric, you gain access to advanced machine learning tools, allowing you to create complex forecasting and classification models using powerful algorithms.

Flexible deployment options

The Data Science service in combination with Microsoft Fabric offers flexible model deployment options, allowing customization for different environments and business needs, as well as conducting advanced research.

Automated analytical processes

The Data Science service available on the Microsoft Fabric platform allows the automation of many analytical processes, speeding up the iterative data analysis cycle and reducing human errors.


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