Effective Detection System

What is Data Activator?

Automated monitoring

Data Activator is a tool for automatically taking actions upon detecting patterns or conditions in changing data. This tool monitors data in Power BI reports and data streams, and notifies when data reaches specified threshold values or matches other patterns.

Wide range of possibilities

Data Activator allows you to build digital monitoring systems that cover all data. Business users can independently define business conditions and trigger actions, such as email notifications, Teams alerts, Power Automate flows, and triggering processes supported by external companies.

Codeless Handling

Data Activator can work with any type of data in Microsoft Fabric, from relatively slow-moving data in warehouses to real-time streaming data in Azure Event Hubs. Once connected, Data Activator continuously monitors company data for applicable patterns.

Uncover Hidden Patterns

How can Data Activator in Microsoft Fabric Service help your company?

How can Data Activator in Microsoft Fabric Service help your company? Data is valuable only when actionable. This means generating insights from data and transforming them into tasks. Many organizations meet this need by manually monitoring a set of reports and dashboards. This can be time-consuming, and this time is multiplied by every department, region, and business unit in the organization. With the help of Data Activator, it’s possible to:

  • Automate data monitoring
  • Faster pattern detection and anomalies
  • Efficient operation supported by alerts
  • Customize notifications to the industry
  • Determine critical values for the company
  • Seamless integration with other Microsoft Fabric services
data activator w msfabric
usługa data activator w Microsoft Fabric
Data Monitoring

Detect Patterns and Trigger Actions

Data Activator identifies patterns and triggers specific actions as needed. This could be an email message or a Teams alert to the appropriate person in the organization. Notifications can also be automated via Power Automate flows or actions in one of the organization’s business applications. This provides better data control and business functioning.

  • Immediate access to real-time information
  • Ability to define personalized alerts
  • Multiple integration options
  • Key data available in real time
  • Ability to quickly respond to issues
  • Improved business operations

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Automated Analysis of Company Data

Data Activator in Microsoft Fabric Service - why use it?

Real-time Data Monitoring

Data Activator in Microsoft Fabric enables real-time data monitoring, allowing for immediate use of information for decision-making and reacting to changing conditions.

Customized Experience

Through data monitoring and pattern detection, Data Activator allows for customer experience personalization by understanding needs and preferences and adapting offerings to the current situation.

Enhanced Personalization

Real-time data enables instant personalization of offerings and customer interactions, which can greatly improve user experience and increase customer loyalty.

Performance and Efficiency Monitoring

This service enables continuous monitoring of the performance and efficiency of various processes and activities, allowing for real-time adjustments and optimizations regardless of the department.

Quick Response to Trends and Market Changes

By analyzing monitored data, Data Activator enables quick response to changing trends and market conditions, which can significantly impact a company's competitiveness.

Integration with Microsoft Tools

Data Activator integrates seamlessly with other tools and services in the Microsoft Fabric ecosystem, making the process of data analysis and utilization easier – from Power BI datasets to event streams and more.


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