New Generation Data Warehouse

What is Data Warehouse?

Modern Data Warehouse

Data Warehouse is the next generation data warehouse in Microsoft Fabric. It's a transactional data warehouse that natively supports open data formats, enabling IT teams, data engineers, and business users to collaborate smoothly and derive actionable insights from the prepared data, all while maintaining an appropriate level of security.

Serverless infrastructure

Instead of providing dedicated clusters, Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric is built on a fully serverless compute infrastructure, where resources are allocated in milliseconds as requests come in. This enables users to benefit from resource efficiency and only pay for what they use.

Full Integration

Data Warehouse is fully integrated with all the capabilities of Microsoft Fabric right out of the box. This allows users to continue leveraging the SQL engine capabilities through T-SQL language or a simple user interface. All of this is combined with the continuous benefits of the SQL ecosystem.

Scope of Possibilities

How can Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric help your company?

Microsoft Fabric offers a central data warehouse based on an enterprise-class distributed processing engine, providing industry-leading scale-out performance while eliminating the need for configuration and management. Through an easy-to-use SaaS environment that’s tightly integrated with Power BI for easy analysis and reporting, the Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric combines the data lake and data warehouse environments to significantly simplify organizations’ investment in their analytical resources.

  • Fully managed SaaS solution
  • Serverless compute infrastructure
  • Smoothly scale up and down as needed
  • Cross-query and join data without creating copies
  • Automatic load detection
  • Integration with other MF services
Synapse Data Warehouse w usłudze Microsoft Fabric
Synapse Data Warehouse w usłudze Microsoft Fabric
  • User-friendly interface
  • Easy handling for developers and citizen programmers alike
  • Simple data acquisition and preparation
  • Visual Query Editor with drag-and-drop functionality
  • Virtual warehouses containing data from any source in Fabric
  • Full integration with Power BI in Microsoft Fabric
A New Quality of Experiences

Data Warehouse - elevating data transformation

Business analytics is a process that demands skills in acquiring, preparing, and analyzing data, creating business semantics, applying machine learning models, and preparing BI reports. It requires the collaboration of IT professionals, data engineers, business analysts, and data scientists across the organization. When data is shared, it needs to be secured and properly managed. Data Warehouse facilitates this through the following key features.

200 +

successful implementations

500 +

satisfied customers

1000 +

developed analyses

10000 +

trained customers
OneLake Data Storage

Data Warehouse in Microsoft Fabric - why use it?

Flexible and scalable infrastructure

Data Warehouse provides flexibility and easy scalability, allowing organizations to adjust resources to current analytical needs.

Scalability and resource management flexibility

Microsoft Fabric service offers resource management flexibility, enabling dynamic adjustment of compute power and memory according to project needs, optimizing costs and performance.

Secure and reliable data processing

Data Engineering in Microsoft Fabric guarantees a high level of data security and reliability in processing, using advanced access control mechanisms, ensuring full trust in analysis results.

Integration with the MS Fabric ecosystem

The service seamlessly integrates with other Fabric services like Data Engineering, Real Time Analytics, and Power BI, making data analysis and advanced reporting easier.

Advanced data transformation and cleansing tools

With the rich set of tools in Data Engineering, advanced data transformation and cleansing operations can be performed, leading to more consistent and complete data in the analysis process.

Support for various data sources and formats

Microsoft Fabric service allows easy data integration from different sources and supports various data formats, enabling organizations to use a full range of data for better and more comprehensive analysis.


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