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Data in the era of artificial intelligence

Microsoft Fabric enables end-to-end analytics and covers the full data lifecycle – including data acquisition and integration, data engineering, real-time analytics, data warehousing, data science, business analytics and data monitoring. This speeds up analysis by creating AI models based on a common basis without having to combine data from different sources. Each of your employees gains access to a set of personalized analytics tools that make it easy to turn data into valuable business insights in real time. No switching between different tools, asking for access or waiting for important statements.

Transform data into value

Microsoft Fabric offers powerful analytical tools that help transform data into valuable insights. With advanced analysis features, you can easily uncover significant patterns, trends, and insights hidden in your data. By using this platform, you gain the ability to make more informed decisions and optimize business operations across the entire organization.

Business scalability

Microsoft Fabric is a scalable AI-based analytical platform that adapts to your business needs. Whether you run a small business or manage a corporation, this flexibility allows for easy expansion of computing power and faster data processing as your business grows. This saves you time and costs, avoiding the need to migrate to other platforms in the future.

Data security

Microsoft Fabric ensures a high level of security for all analytical data. Utilizing advanced protection mechanisms, the platform guarantees confidentiality, integrity, and availability. Moreover, Microsoft Fabric complies with key standards and legal regulations regarding data protection, such as GDPR, providing assurance that your data is safeguarded according to current norms.

OneLake architecture

OneLake in Microsoft Fabric is an innovative data storage and management architecture that includes Data Factory, Synapse Data Engineering, Synapse Data Science, Synapse Data Warehouse, Synapse Real-Time Analytics, Power BI, and Data Activator. With Microsoft Fabric, all individuals in your organization can work from within Microsoft 365 applications (such as Excel or Microsoft Teams) through the ability to share materials.

all-in-one platforma analityczna Fabric od Microsoft

Microsoft Fabric - revolutionary solutions for modern data analysis

The Microsoft Fabric platform is based on software-as-a-service (SaaS) foundations and provides simplicity and integration at an entirely new level.

Integrated analytical environment

The MS Fabric service combines new and existing components from Power BI, Azure Synapse, and Azure Data Factory into an integrated environment, which is then presented in various user-customized environments.

MS Fabric backbone network

The backbone network allows users to focus on creating excellent solutions, freeing them from the need for integration, management, and understanding of the underlying infrastructure supporting the environment.

Turn data into valuable business insights with the help of Microsoft Fabric

The dream of anyone working in data analysis, regardless of the industry, is to economize work. With the Fabric platform, accelerating and automating processes becomes a reality.

Data visualization at a new level

Thanks to integration with the Power BI service, Microsoft Fabric enables data visualization at an entirely new level. Users can create interactive and dynamic charts, diagrams, and reports that aid in quickly understanding and interpreting data. This enables better data-driven decision-making.

Efficient teamwork

The Microsoft Fabric platform enables real-time sharing of data, projects, and analysis results. Customized work environments are also a benefit. Users can select interface layouts, preferred tools, and features to create an optimal analytical environment that fits their individual preferences and work style.

Microsoft Fabric Architektura systemu
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Introduce data into the era of artificial intelligence with the help of Microsoft Fabric

Real-time data access enables swift responses to changing market conditions and better business decision-making.

Data analysis reveals hidden patterns, understands customer preferences, identifies market trends, and predicts future behaviors.

Process automation releases resources, fostering business development and increasing competitiveness.

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