Real-time Data Analysis

What is Real Time Analytics?

Continuous data access

With real-time analytics in Microsoft Fabric, you gain the ability to scale and develop analytical solutions while democratizing data access. This empowers both citizen data analysts and advanced data engineers to turn data into valuable business insights.

Wide range of capabilities

Real-time analytics are essential for the growth of many businesses. It's crucial for cybersecurity, resource monitoring, supply chain optimization, customer service, energy and inventory management, quality control, environmental monitoring, fleet management, health and safety, and more. The possibilities are vast.

Simplified management

Real-time analytics reduce complexity and streamline data integration. Quick access to detailed insights is achieved through automatic data streaming, indexing, and segmentation from any source and in any format. On-demand querying and visualization are also facilitated.

24/7 Data Access

How can Real Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric benefit your company?

Over the past decades, there has been a shift in how we access and use information. Users are accustomed to interactive, on-demand data available to everyone. This trend has influenced changes in business processes. Today, competitive advantage goes to companies with access to real-time data, regardless of time zones. This is where Real Time Analytics comes into play.

  • Fully managed big data analytics platform
  • Ability to query structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data
  • Easy data extraction and loading from any source in any format
  • Support for analytical queries directly on raw data
  • Short response times, using a wide range of available operators
  • Smooth integration with other environments and elements in Microsoft Fabric
Synapse Real Time Analytics w usłudze Microsoft Fabric
Real-time Analytics

Key data at your fingertips

Real-time data analysis is crucial in today’s dynamic business environment. It enables companies and organizations to immediately respond to events and trends as they occur, rather than reacting later to historical data.

  • Immediate access to current information
  • Ability to leverage complex calculations and statistical models
  • Multiple data visualization options
  • Data-driven decision-making
  • Configurable alerts with Data Activator
  • Enhanced business operations

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successful implementations

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Path to Instant Insights

Real Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric - why choose it?

Instant stream data analysis

Real Time Analytics service available in Microsoft Fabric allows for real-time data analysis, enabling swift responses to changing conditions and events.

Process automation

With Real Time Analytics in Microsoft Fabric, you can program automated reactions and interactions based on stream data analysis, increasing process efficiency and optimization.

Visualization and reporting

The Microsoft Fabric platform combined with Real Time Analytics enables the creation of advanced real-time visualizations and reports, facilitating data monitoring and analysis.

Monitoring and anomaly detection

Advanced real-time analysis mechanisms allow for swift anomaly and irregularity detection in data, which is crucial for ensuring the quality and security of business processes.

Enhanced personalization

Real-time data allows for immediate personalization of offers and customer interactions, significantly improving user experiences and enhancing customer loyalty.

Exceptional scalability and flexibility

Real Time Analytics offers outstanding scalability, enabling the handling of large volumes of streaming data, as well as flexibility in tailoring analysis to various use cases.


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