Over the years, various inventions have appeared that brought revolutionary changes. Examples include the invention of the combustion engine or the creation and development of the Internet. Thanks to these innovations, the way humans function in the world around them has changed. Currently, our attention is drawn to artificial intelligence (AI) – a huge technological step forward that arouses many emotions. We can see its influence on many levels of life. It changes the professional and private lives of individuals, but also the functioning of teams and entire industries. We use AI, among others: during customer service, performing operations on data and generating content.

One of the most promising opportunities ahead of us is the increasingly rapid approach to the concept of data-driven organizational culture. This is influenced by an increase in the productivity of teams working on data and an increase in the availability of analyzes for ordinary users. That’s why Microsoft has put a lot of thought into introducing Copilot in MS Fabric – an AI-powered tool built directly into Microsoft Fabric that helps unlock the full potential of your data. Starting May 21, 2024, Copilot MS Fabric became generally available for the Microsoft Power BI environment.

Copilot MS Fabric capabilities

In Copilot MS Fabric you have the ability to integrate, transform, prepare and visualize your data using a simple language. In the Power BI environment, Copilot supports you in quickly creating effective reports and transforming conclusions into narrative summaries in just a few minutes. Just enter a general prompt and Copilot MS Fabric will generate a complete report page, identify relevant tables, fields, measures and charts according to the user’s query. In addition, it will provide visualizations that present conclusions from the received data in an accessible way. Thanks to these solutions, you will start working on reports quickly and intuitively.

You also have the ability to create custom summaries and have questions answered about data throughout the report. This reduces analysis time from hours or days to just a few minutes. Copilot previously could only answer questions related to one page of a report, but its features have now been expanded to support full report summaries and provide more precise answers to questions.

Copilot MS Fabric access will be rolled out to all Power BI Premium capacity (SKU P1 or higher) or Fabric capacity (SKU F64 or higher) customers in the coming weeks.

Copilot MS Fabric for Power BI – preview version

Currently, the reporting experience is available to everyone, while other Copilot features in Power BI are only available in a preview version. An example is the Data Overview button in the Explore interface, powered by Copilot, which provides summaries of the semantic model. This feature will help you get started and will also generate synonyms and linguistic relations. This is all that is needed to prepare your model for natural language interpretation. You can also use Copilot in the DAX query view to formulate and obtain information about DAX queries. When you create a report, you can add a narrated video to translate the findings on the report page into a written form – this will help you articulate the most important information about your data.

It’s also worth noting that Copilot has been expanded to answer your data-related questions. Now Copilot not only answers questions about visualization on report pages, but also analyzes the entire provided semantic model. You can currently use this function in the preview in the Power BI service in view and edit modes.

Copilot Microsoft Fabric features are also still available in preview for:

By default, Copilot MS Fabric is now enabled for all eligible tenants, including those with preview versions.

Create questions and answers with AI Skills in Copilot MS Fabric

Another novelty is the introduction of a feature based on Copilot MS Fabric technology called AI Skills – currently in preview. AI Skills were created so that users could learn more about their data. This is possible thanks to the interactive, conversational question and answer mode. When using AI Skills, the first step is to select the data source you plan to examine in MS Fabric. Immediately after this, you can proceed to ask questions about the identified resources. AI Skills will not only provide answers to questions, but also show what prompt was used to generate them.

No tool configuration is required to get started. However, in order to achieve better results, it is recommended to add more tables, provide additional context and change the settings to suit your needs.

Thanks to AI Skills, each user has the ability to:

  • data exploration and analysis,
  • creating and setting the configuration of AI environments,
  • receiving answers along with the prompts that were used to generate them,
  • formulating conclusions from the analyses performed.

Expert assistance in using Copilot MS Fabric

Microsoft, while working on the implementation of the Copilot MS Fabric functionality, ensured its intuitiveness, but there are situations in which the support of specialists is needed.

EBIS employs a team of professionals who regularly update their knowledge of BI solutions provided by Microsoft. Using their knowledge and experience, you will dispel any doubts about Copilot MS Fabric.

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